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One-of-a-kind hand crafted jewelry

We love to develop jewelry designs hand-in-hand with our customers, then deliver the finished product, giving many years of pleasure.
We fashion gemstones from raw material such as rock, stone, fossils and shells, and organic materials to reveal their unique and gorgeous characteristics.

Upon request we can do extended runs of designs of your choice.

To place an order or discuss your design, click this link to Contact Us

Anything on this Website marked as “Out of stock” only means we do not have a finished product on the shelf. Simply Contact Us to arrange for it to be custom made for you.
You can still place your order online, then we will immediately manufacture one for you and send it to you within 2 – 3 working days.

Important Note

When placing an order, remember to give us all the info we would require.
I.E. Ring size, wrist circumference, pendent with or without a chain or thong, length of said chain or thong etc..
Enter the information under the notes section of the order form.

Our greatest satisfaction is to to please our customer.

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